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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 18, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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hard part is staying a wake. >> we'll stay out here for fox news.comovertime. and the tv version of us noon eastern, and now "happening now". >> fox news alert. 2016 hopeful jeb bush delivering his first big speech foreign policy. he's now saying he's considering a run for president. >> a lot of them doing that. >> the former florida governor trying to separate himself from his brother and father that occupied the oval office. we are covering all of the news, "happening now". >> yemen home to al-qaeda's most dangerous affiliate descends in chaos, american diplomatic corps is forced to leave. the embassy evacuation didn't go as planned. a deadly case of road rage takes
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a new twist. >> i would not say they are looking for trouble. i can't say what was in tammy's mind. >> what the las vegas mother of four did right before she was killed. >> and a masked robber waved a gun and demanded cash. they shot her anyway and she's alive to it help the cops find the attackers. it is all "happening now". >> we begin the second hour on wednesday with a fox news exclusive on the chaos in last week's evacuation of the embassy in yemen. >> first time we are hearing about the chaos as well. >> i am jenna lee. the state department said the evacuation was orderly and routine.
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internal e-mails tell a different story. catherine. >> reporter: thank you, a review by fox news shoes the standard procedures to protect measures were not followed. they were playing down the decision to pull out. >> we evaluated our security posture based on the uncertain security situation. that has been discussed for sometime and we recently pulled down some staff and so this was the next step in that effort. >> and a few days earlier on february 8th the ambassador with the approval and the most senior excutive said a main communication link should be left up in case the evacuation plan failed and they had to return to the embassy to
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explore operation. the e-mail showed panic in washington that the communication leak is up and data that includes unclassified e-mail traffic was not wiped. we need to think of the plan and sanitizing the open data that is out there. we came up with a basic plan last night and i think we need to implement it as soon as possible. e-mail traffic showed a half dozen servers with passport and visa information was attached. >> if they break it open and analyze it and categorize it it would give them information of how u.s. embassy's function. it may not be classified. but they have entry and exit processes and this will be in there. >> reporter: fox news is asking the state department to square
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their comments with the decision to fly out on a commercial airline. why didn't the charter are go to a u.s. base and allow the military to keep their weapons and not destroy them. >> why is the last part significant? and over all a big picture of your report, what does it tell americans about what is at risk as far as the safety and security? >> reporter: well, the evacuation from yemen, really raises questions over whether lessons learned after the benghazi terrorist attack and the failure there. the tone of the e-mail certainly suggest that if a plan was in the works for weeks to get out that doesn't seem to be apparent in the e-mails. and that said, any evacuation is always messing and never easy and done under did your recess
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and difficult circumstances. but the decision to go out on commercial aircraft, which is cleared very early on the e-mails begs the question, why wasn't the charter to a u.s. controlled air field? this would have allowed the marines to keep the weapons and not destroy them. once the marines lost the weapons on the aircraft, they were in the mercy of the pilot and co-pilot and that is a major issue to be resolved and they destroyed the weapons but what happened to all of the ammunition. this is a full load they are carrying and you are talking several dozen marines and this is a lot of a mmo we don't know what happened to. >> real questions to be left standing and we'll talk to ambassador bolton about this. and we'll learn more in throughout the the day. >> in the wake of terrorist attacks, the white house has three day summit. president obama is set to speak
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at the summit later this afternoon. isis appears increasingly emboldened and european cities learned firsthand that the threat is not confined with the middle east. >> reporter: jon, you are right. the president expected to speak today and tomorrow as the white house looks for answers for the root cause of violent extremism. even they don't say islamic extremism, that is the bulk of the summit today and tomorrow. and look at the president's piece in the los angeles times. with al-qaeda and isil peddling the lie that united states is at war with islam all of us have a role to play by upholding the pluralistic values that it define us as americans. he referred to the egyptian
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christians and that was a change. they are not only shifting the way they talk about it but shifting the way they fight it. >> we have evolved to a new phase in the global terrorist threat and we must evolve to a new phase in our counter terrorism efforts. >> jay johnson said we can't kill if they are recruiting faster. we need to kill as many as we can and quickly as we can. and secondly rollback the momentum of isis. >> reporter: a roll back that critics say not only recognizing the enemy and believing them when they stand for religion or some other reason for the violent extreme ichlt and take them at their word. the president will be speaking tomorrow as well. and ed henry will have more with bret baier. >> kevin, thank you.
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>> you bet. >> in the white house on domestic policy new fallout on obama care as the white house considers an open enrollment time. they have extended it to february 22nd. and estimated 6 million americans may have to pay a penalty and they will not realize it until they file their taxes when it is too late to enroll this year. >> nina easton is a fox news contributor. and they are going to discuss it now. they seem to keep moving the goal post on signing up for obama care, what is the reason for this one nina? >> well this is a political hot potato for the white house, of course. people haven't focused on the fact that this is a man date and you have to have health insurance or pay $95 this year.
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and that will go up to $395 in 2015, next year or one percent of the income that could be a lot more. they are hoping to politicize this. and softening the blow by getting more people to sign up and avoid the penalty. >> people are finding out no free lunch or health care? >> exactly. that is only one part of the problem with tax day with obama care. some people realize they got too much subsidy and have to pay it out. and others will have to weigh through the law to figure out how to file their tax forms and remember, the people getting subsidies are the least likely to it afford a tax preparer. and they will deal with it on
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their own. and h&r block said the rules are hard to figure out. and so this is going to be a big shocker for a lot of people as they deal with obama care and tax day in april. >> the core of the program the government forces you to buy health care. >> and it is interesting, the rasz muzzin poll show of 48 percent don't like it and 41 percent support it. more are opposed to. it there is a give away part of obama care and the penalty part of it if you don't have health insurance. and that doesn't wash with people. >> the democrats are pronouncing the program a resounding success. your assessment? >> i think it is far from clear
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it is success so far. the polls numbers show, that a lot of people were finding out how the health care law was solid is not true. you could keep your health care if you like it. and doctor if you like. it and that is untrue. even bill ma ier said it is not a success that he thought. they can't keep their doctor and can't keep their health plan. i am not sure it is right to call it a success like the democrats are saying. >> forget the millions of americans who don't like what happened to the health insurance. and what the white house has to worry about is the nine members of the supreme court, right? >> the other thing that obama care is facing, is the supreme court case that you mentioned. what potentially takes away
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subsidies for buyers of obama care in three dozen states. and even the occur secretary of hss said that is devastating for the law. and so the court is scheduled to hear those arguments in march and scheduled to make a decision in june. >> nina easton, and jamie winestein. it is it a fascinating few months. >> the story continues. >> and we'll turn back overseas. agents are taking more action to a venge the murder of coptic christians. they made a push for the u.s. and other world payers to actively fight the terror group there. and next the xhf report from catherine on the the embassy evacuated in yemen. plus new testimony from the man who was accused of killing american sniper chris kyle and his friend chad little field, that's next.
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>> egypt is launching air strikes against the isis in libya without consulting the united states. the lib rathreat is held later this afternoon in new york city. cairo is calling for international military intervention following the beheading of 21 coptic christians by isis terrorist. john bolton is a fox news contractor. what do you think of the efforts made today and how significant is that? >> i don't think much will come of it. the security council will authorize countries in the region to use force to protect their citizens. i don't think there is anything stronger to that.
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it is iraq and syria. >> senior officials are talking about the strikes that egypt waged on isis and libya and said the egypt is not consulting the u.s. and not part of the coalition. does egypt need to talk ambassador before they make a move? >> i think the president of egypt is showing contempt for the leadership in the white house. the president the supported the muslim brotherhood even though the egyptians overwhelmingly favored the military coup. the brotherhood undercut the government of egypt. he's not paying attention to us. we lost our influence in egypt because of the president's policy and this is one more piece of evidence because of that it. >> and the president wrote an
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editorial in the la times because of the summit taking place. counter aring extremism in washington d.c. he talks about winning the hearts and minds of those in the middle east and muslim world to not go in the the direction of jihadi. egypt talks about retribulation as does jordan. >> you need both. we are in a idea logical war and unless we treat it that way we are doomed to failure. the president talks about hearts and minds. but he can't bring himself to use the phrase islamic radical. he talks about vilebt extremism like all over the world. we can see what is happening. and the general a sissis call can see it and called for help to deal with the threat.
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i think those on the ground in the largest arab country and 97 percent muslim and calling for a revolution is closer to the muslim world than bark bookkeeper obama is. >> i would like to get your reaction to catherine's report. the evacuation of our embassy in yemen chaotic and concern about the line was communication open dangerous if they fall in the wrong hands and our marines and personnel went to a commercial flight and not necessarily a charter flight and because of that had to destroy their weapons. i am summing up a very extensive report, ambassador, but your thoughts when you hear the description. >> i think she uncovered a real problem not only in the case of a nearlily fail would evacuation from yemen but could apply to other american embassies. and i am stunned at the chaos we
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say there. yemen is a risky post for over a decade and the fact that they are making it up as they went and the plans were haphazard. we should be thankful it didn't turn in a tragedy but my sense from catherine's reporting it was a nor run thing. >> do you attribute that to incompetence or denial of the current situation on the ground. >> it is a mixture of both. it wouldn't have made a difference. but the incompetence is coming from preparations not thought through and not having adequate prepation. we saw it before. after gaddafi fell in libya back in 2011, americans had to be withdrawn from tripoli. we had to rent a navy boat to
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come get them out. how many times do we have to have it done before we wake up? >> one of the reasons catherine talked about the communication lines left on open, there was concern by those in the embassy that they would have to turn back and they wanted to make sure the lines are open. it is a fascinating report. and great to have you today. >> thank you. >> a big issue in 2016 sure to be foreign policy. you just heard an example there. jeb bush delivering a speech on it today as rivals pivot to the issue. we are live with that. >> and high-tech screener ares, what they can see that nothing else can.
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>> some graduate students get a lesson on disappointment. the school told 800 students they were accepted in the computer science program. they weren't. we don't know if computers or old- fashioned humans are responsible for the error. it was a serious mistake in the the process of generating the letters and promises a review. only a hundred people are accepted in the program a year. >> and sex abuse scandal in a muslim school as an imamstands charged with molesting students in a school he ran for 40 years. >> the allegations are big. some compared the
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internationally known imman to the billy graham of their religion. he has been charged with repeatedly sexual assaulting a 23 year old woman who worked in the islamic boarding school he founded and was the principal of. three other women came forward accusing the 73-year-old iman of sexual assaulting them as well. the allegations spanned four decades and have shaken chicago's muslim community. >> i am shocked and devastated that such a revered member of our community can grossly violate the responsibility he was entrusted with for the last several decades. >> salem was released on a 250,000 bail and his attorney said he hasn't seen going to substantate the allegation. the boarding school is under fire for not protecting students including a man claiming to be sexual assaulted by a male staff
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member when he was student there. the five victims filed a civil lawsuit against the school and salem. police are investigating them and additional criminal charges could be filed. community leaders expect more victims to come forward as thousands of children attended the school over 30 years. jenna. >> thank you. >> the investigation of a deadly road rage incident that left a mother of four dead. it takes a dramatic turn today. and two masked gunmen walk in a pizza joint. the terrifying ordeal caught on camera. i'm type e. i know what my money is doing. i rebalanced my portfolio on my phone. you know what else i can do on my phone? place trades get free real time quotes and teleport myself to aruba. i wish.
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some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need... ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza. it's covered by most health plans. >> as we mention the earlier the u.n. security council is holding an emergency session this afternoon. egypt is calling for international military intervention following the beheading of 21 coptic christians by isis thugs. rick has more. >> reporter: jon, the libyan foreign minister said there are thousands of isis fighters in they need military help soon as possible to help to eradicate the terrorist threat and egypt is getting involved because of the 21 coptic christians
10:32 am
beheaded were egyptians that went to find work. egypt responded by isis targets in libya. and now the egyptians are asking for more international military intervention with support of two dozen members of the arab group here in the u.n. the egyptian foreign minister lobbied the five members of the security council along with samanthaaur and the russians may support the resolution even though there is linger ares resentment over the 2008 authorization that led to the ouster of gaddafi who had historic ties to moscow. the emerging meeting the libyan and egyptian members will introduce a resolution. but it could take several days for a vote. >> all right. rick keeping an eye on it
10:33 am
today. >> stay with foreign policy. foreign policy will be a key issue in the presidential election. and former florida governor jeb be bush wrapping up a speech in chicago. and our carl has more. >> reporter: of all of the republican candidates, there is an emerging theme. president obama has blown it and if hillary clinton is elected to the president it would be a third obama term and that would be bad. jeb bush pointed out that president obama referred to isis as the junior varsity and hillary clinton was reluctant to put bocan on the terrorist list. and he said it is important that the u.s. project strength
10:34 am
because that it brings peace and weakness attracts war. the other part of the speech he addressed his family name. he is the son and brother of the last two republican presidents and to some voters it is not great. and others disagree with the politics that his father and brother made over the years. >> i admire the service to the nation and the difficult decisions they had to make. i am my own man and my views are shaped by my own thinking. each president learns from those who came before. their principles and adjustments and one thing we know is this every person inherits a changing world and circumstances. >> bush is arguing that the circumstances have decidedly worsens since barak obama was president. he has picked some of the advisory team veterans of his father's administration and
10:35 am
brothers. notable members of the state department and other international experts. >> a store tore to watch, carl, thank you. >> new development in the trial of a man accused of killing the central character in the american sniper book. the mother of eddy ray routh giving detailed testimony on her son's battle of mental illness and chris kyle did nevering his power to help him. we'll bring in our experts. troy one of the things she said the her son returned from the marines a changed and troubled man. >> it is said no one knows you better than your mom. >> the defense team put her on
10:36 am
and it is her job to show the jury he was different when he came back honorably discharged from the marines and a changed person and the va was not giving him proper treatment for the ptsb. >> she is the one who asked chris kyle to help her son. she claims that she didn't know that he would take her son to a shooting range. is this a kind of a blame the victim sort of testimony? >> you know, some people see it that way. i think it is it a sad case. this is a marine who served his country honorably. two tours in iraq and a haiti. he was deeply troubled when he returned home in north texas and no question if he shot the people. the only question of the thing
10:37 am
resting on. at the time he pulled the trigger, did he know right from wrong? and there is evidence on both sides of that question. some of the things that we heard at trial so far, suggest that he may not have known right from wrong. >> the victim texted friends and said this guy is straight- up nuts and afterwards the defendant told texas rangers that he believed they would kill him first. that suggested he may not have known right from wrong. and for example he fled from police suggesting he knew he would go to jail for it. it is going to hinge on right from wrong. >> the mother of the accused the first to testify and we'll keep our viewers upindicated on who else testifies on behalf of the defense. and another case that changed and new details on the deadly
10:38 am
road rage shooting in las vegas. police say that the victim, a 44-year-old mother of four, went looking for the suspect who ended up killing her. authorities say she brought her adult son along with her who was armed at the time. >> troy it changes the complexion on all of this. she was taking her daughter for a test drive and teaching her to drive and on their way home, apparently, the guy gets aggressive and slams on his brakes in front of her and her daughter honks on the horn and the guy has verbal confrontation with the mother and she drives around and goes home and gets her son, and apparently he brings the gun and they go looking for the guy and they didn't find them. and the guy finds them at their home and the shooting breaks out and does that change the
10:39 am
severity of the charges for who ever is apprehended in this case. >> it could provide a colorful defense. he may have been acting in self defense. he followed them home and so that didn't look good. but he may say they brandished a gun. and following them in order to notify the police. the mom dropped off her daughter and picking up the son who she knew she had a gun was the wrong thing to do. if the person had breaked and yelled at her she should have called the police. what she shouldn't have done gotten her son and gone out looking for trouble. and that's what she did. >> kent how do you see it? >> i don't think she should have gone out looking for trouble, but at the same time she didn't
10:40 am
deserve to get killed for doing that. the only self defense working, is if evidence comes about that shoes the shooter was in imminent fear for his life at the time he pulled the trigger. just because she went looking for him and turned out to be a deadly mistake. she doesn't deserve to get shot. >> hard to believe that road rage leads to homicide like this. >> try, and kent thank you both. >> you bet. >> and new scanning machine is revolutionizing baggage screening and we are live in one of the biggest airport. and what if that apple is genetically engineered in some way. a new apple got approved by the fda, we'll tell you about it, next.
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>> coming up. is one of the beheaded christians an american. they are analyzing the frame by frame. and president obama took the egyptian killed christians. and why the change of heart? and we want to see if your dog does best. and send your pics best real dog, we'll feature them all at the top of the hour. >> when would they not do well in any category. >> they are darling. we will let gretchen be the judge. >> he has a unique smile. >> and in the meantime is it franken fruit or a improved apple? the u.s. approves two genetically approved varieties.
10:45 am
they are same but the biotech ones will not turn brown after they slice them. arctic granny or arctic golden and you will see them in a store near you next year. we'll have author of the dinner in the new dinner cafe. and how it is changing the way we are eating. and he's great enough to join us. it is a lot of debate about the genetically modified food. how does an apple not brown? >> it is a new tool of the genetic engineers that is called rnan interferrance and what you do, you block the enzyme something that enables the enzyme mixed with oxygen causes the apple to brown, when
10:46 am
it is bruised or it's left out. and it becomes an unappetizing to people. >> all people do you think? ? how big of an issue the brown apple is that consumers choose an apple that will not brown and i will buy that one. >> that's a good question and why the apple grower ares in new york and washington state. the two biggest apple states in the country they it are suspicious. they are not keen on the genetically modified apple at all. there is a question here, why do we need this? >> i believe there are 200 varieties of apples out there and i have not heard of a apple shortage. and why do we need this. i spoke with the head of the small canadian company last
10:47 am
year. eating a apple is too big of a commitment to people. >> all right. we'll take it for what it is. the company that produced the apples said they are the most tested apples on the planet. the organic commission did not approve them. saying there is harm to human health. what have you learned through your research and investigative reporting on this top ittic. are these apples safe for us? >> i know of no health threat from genetically modified apples, i think there are lejet mate concerns about the new rnan interferrance. we saw the approval of a slim plucked potato and it is a technique by the gene jockeys and whether or not we need this,
10:48 am
has to do with the fact that we are doing something different in the real'm of genetic engineering. >> will i know the apple is modified? or will i so arctic golden and think it is col. and changed. >> it plays in the debate should we label genetically mod feud food. and we have a 10 billion nongmo industry the and one of these days the industry may be pushed into it. >> we'll see if they do. and in the meantime, gmo food can solve the issue of world hunger and there is argument on both sides. great to have you on the program. >> thank you for having me. >> i manhunt under way for armed robbers. terrified customers watched as
10:49 am
a masked gunman targets a pizza place. what happened next.
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the clinton foundation ending a self imposed ban for donations. john roberts is reporting live from atlanta on this story. >> even democrats are saying this could potentially be a huge problem for hillary clinton, should she decide to pull the trigger and run for president. since the foundation is officially called the bill, hillary and chelsea clinton
10:53 am
foundation. the obama administration asked ---after she stepped down in 2013, the foundation quietly started taking donations from government entities like the australian sbit ity for development, saudi arabia, the commonwealth of australia the netherlands, iowa, kuwait, the united arab emirates, and the foreign affairs trade and development of canada. there are on contributions from saudi arabian businessmen who have gone to the foundation. it's illegal for foreign governments to contribute to presidential campaigns. but this could potentially be an in to the clinton campaign. >> if those types of entities are giving money to the clinton foundation, it may not be as good as a campaign donation, but it is a way for them to curry favor with to the clintons and to get themselves in the clinton
10:54 am
world. >> we have just got this statement moments ago from the clinton foundation, saying, quote, that go above and beyond what is required of u.s. charities and well beyond the plastics of most pier organizations, this includes the voluntary disclosure. helping inging improve lives of millions of people across the koichb try. we reached out to hillary clinton's office to ask them what she plans to do nothing back from them yet. we hope to have that later today. >> sounds good john, thank you. a new way to scan luggage at the airport that could revolutionize the checked baggage screening inging process because the technology can handle explosives.
10:55 am
>> reporter: kaeping ahead of emerging security threats are always a challenge since 9/11. the tsa has been checking bags through a screening process that was traditionally used for health care. fox news wiz the first network to get a look at this new system. now the system has the ability to determine both the density of an object and it's material. fringes, for instance, it can tell the difference between an explosive and a bottle of cabernet. >> reporter: and developers say the new technology will make flying better and safer and will solve problems with the current
10:56 am
system and will even last longer in the dusty dirty environment of an airport baggage area. agency reps did tell fox news, they are always looking for new technology and procedures that will enhance security and increase efficiency. >> even 13 years in to an advanced technology project. tsa is still learning stay in and day out, how you can configure the system. >> reporter: as the tsa currently owns two of these systems, ensure scan plans on launching more worldwide later this year. in place >> i like the looks of that. we're following developing eal fo news in our nation's capitol. fruit, nuts, and whole grains.
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violence at a pizza place in california. two robbers enter one jumps over the counter which you're about to see. the other points his gun at a female clerk. police say even though the clerk was cooperative, the gunman shot her anyway. she's expected to survive. the robbers though are on the loose. >> thank you for joining us. have a good day everybody, "the real story with gretchen carlson" starts now. >> could the executioner on that beach in libya be an american? a speech expert will break down every word for you. and new word from the white house on whether we just need to give isis terrorists more jobs. and jeb bush speaks got foreign policy today what's his take on foreign policy? i'm gretchen carlson and we're about to give you "the real story" rights now. we start with an alert because the white house trying to finding out


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